When to choose rental car insurance

Planning a summer vacation or road trip? Car rental companies offer many types of insurance, including collision, accident benefits, personal property and liability coverage. But do you need it if you already have an Auto policy with us?

What you’re already covered for

You don’t need extra car rental insurance if you have:

  • A Co-operators Auto policy. Your Auto policy already includes Accident Benefits, which offers coverage for personal injury as a result of an accident.
  • Our optional Liability for Damage to Non-owned vehicle endorsement. This covers vehicles you drive but don’t own, including rental vehicles, for yourself and anyone listed on your policy.
  • Homeowners or Tenants insurance. Your Home insurance covers your personal property, so you don’t need Personal Effects insurance from the rental company.
  • An eligible credit card. Some credit cards offer damage, theft, accident and health protection, but often with limits. To get the coverage, you need to use the card to reserve and pay for the rental. Always call your credit card company to discuss the details ahead of your trip.

How our coverage works

Let’s say you’re on a road trip to see the natural beauty along Canada’s highways. You find yourself in an accident with your rental car that also destroyed your brand-new, $5,000 camera. Even if you didn’t buy the rental insurance, as long as you have the Liability for Damage to Non-owned vehicle endorsement on your Co-operators Auto policy, your Auto and Home policies would cover both the car and your camera. All you’ll need to do is make one quick call to start your claim, and we’ll take care of the rest.

When do you need extra car insurance?

Do buy car rental insurance if:

  • You do not have an Auto or Homeowners/Tenant policy with us.
  • Your current Auto policy does not have Liability for Damage to Non-owned vehicle coverage.
  • You’re insured only under a commercial car insurance policy.
  • You do not want the risk of paying a high deductible.
  • You are travelling outside of Canada or the U.S.
  • You are renting a commercial vehicle.

Other conditions apply when it comes to what’s included in your Auto insurance, so connect with us before you decide on any extra coverage. We’ll make sure you have the protection you need, and we could help you save money!