Retrieving your unclaimed property

It's estimated that billions of dollars of unclaimed property exists across Canada. At The Co-operators, we’re taking a proactive approach to direct owed-funds to the right individuals.

For us, the issue of unclaimed property revolves primarily around uncashed cheques. Some of the common reasons for this include:

  • A client has moved, but hasn’t provided a new address
  • Cheques getting lost in the mail
  • Cheques being received by the client, but misplaced or uncashed

Currently, only British Columbia, Alberta and Quebec have formal unclaimed property legislation, but it’s only a matter of time until all provinces follow suit and introduce similar legislation.

If you think that we may be holding unclaimed property on your behalf, please contact or call 1-877-720-6733. You will be required to provide specific information verifying your identity and entitlement before any funds will be released.