Simple ways to reduce home break-ins

Break-ins can occur at any time to anyone in any neighbourhood. The highest percentage of break-ins happen in the summer, while people are away on vacation, or as they leave windows and doors open more often. Most burglars rely on hiding, speed and force to gain entry to a home.

A security system can be an effective deterrent, but it may not guarantee your home won’t be broken into. Here are some things you can do to help prevent a break-in:

  1. Don’t announce your vacation or trips on social media.
  2. Lock your windows and doors, even when you’re home, leave briefly, or are on your surrounding property.
  3. Lock your valuables in a safe or lockbox when you’re away from home.
  4. Install motion sensors and secondary locks.
  5. Trim shrubs and bushes to eliminate hiding spots.
  6. Never hide extra keys outside your home.
  7. Always change the locks when you move into a new home.
  8. Never let your mail or newspapers pile up. Have a neighbour or family member collect them while you’re away.
  9. Use timers on your lights.
  10. Keep your windows covered to keep valuables hidden.

If you come home and notice your home has been broken into, do not go in. Call 911.

Plan ahead of a possible home claim by keeping an updated inventory of your belongings. It will help the police identify your items if they’re recovered, and help make the claims process easier.