Expand your Corporate Social Responsibility policy with The Community Connection Fund

More and more organizations today are adopting Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policies as a way to give back and contribute to the world around them. What’s more, CSR Policies have proven to engage and inspire employees and improve talent acquisition, two very big challenges facing HR departments across all industries.

At The Co-operators, giving back to our communities is a big part of who we are and our Community Connection Fund is just one way that we help our client do the same.

Essentially, the Fund is a savings account that grows every time someone from your group gets a free, no-obligation insurance quote.

Each time an employee or association member from your organization calls or visits our website for a quote, we'll add $1 into your group's Community Connection Fund account. You can then withdraw money from the account to put towards an event, a charity fund, or any purpose specified in your agreement.

If you haven’t yet started your Community Connection Fund, or would like some help identifying ways your organization can give back, contact your Co-operators Group Insurance Representative today. They’ll be happy to meet with you to discuss some great options in your community.

In the event you suffer damage to your home, our knowledgeable claims staff will arrange for a contractor to make the necessary repairs as quickly and professionally as possible. Our ReClaim program will ensure that all salvageable materials removed are delivered to a Habitat for Humanity ReStore in your community.

ReStore locations across the country sell reusable items such as furniture, home décor, building materials and appliances. The money they raise supports current and future Habitat home builds to promote affordable housing and homeownership as a means to break the cycle of poverty.

Want to get involved?

To help provide families with affordable housing options, join the many Co-operators employees who provide support through donations and volunteering with their local Habitat for Humanity office.

Have your own home project on the go? Shopping at your local ReStore is a great way to save money, live sustainably and support a great cause.