How we’re supporting our Auto and Home insurance clients in these challenging times

We know Canadians have questions about how the pandemic may impact or change their Auto and Home insurance coverage. There are some key areas we’re focusing on:

Auto coverage

My driving habits have really changed because of COVID-19. Is there anything I can do to reduce my premiums?

Yes. Contact us to review your policy and discuss your options.

I want to park or store my vehicle to reduce my auto insurance costs. Will that reduce my premium?

Yes. If you want to park or store you vehicle and not use it, we can suspend select coverage to help reduce premiums, where possible.

I just received my renewal and my premium went up. What can you do to help me with the challenges I’m facing with COVID- 19?

If you recently received a renewal notice with a premium increase, you can contact a Licensed Insurance Representative to discuss your individual situation further.

Will you provide coverage to restaurants that deliver food during the pandemic?

We know that during this time, restaurants have been ordered to close dining rooms and are advised to open only for takeout and delivery. As a result, we encourage affected policy-holders who are delivering food for their restaurant to contact us to discuss the coverage options available. This coverage would not apply if deliveries are made via third party apps and services, like UberEats, Skip the Dishes and Instacart.

Can I use my own vehicle to deliver meals, groceries or prescription drugs during the pandemic?

If you’re volunteering or helping a neighbour by delivering takeout meals, groceries or prescriptions, your policy provides coverage for this. If you’re making food deliveries as the owner or employee of a restaurant, please contact us to review your coverage options.

Seasonal Properties:

What about my cottage or seasonal property that I can’t get to during the State of Emergency?

We’re looking for ways to provide extra support for our clients during this difficult time. We’ve made changes to help seasonal property owners facing travel or social distancing restrictions. Rest assured that your cottage or seasonal property is not vacant, but rather is considered unoccupied because you intend to return. We’ve removed some of the conditions that apply to coverage for freezing. If your cottage or seasonal property will be unoccupied for five or more consecutive days, you only need to make sure the heat remains on during the normal heating season or that your water is shut off and the pipes have been drained. It is not necessary to have someone check on your property daily.


I have an active claim, what can you do to make this easier for me?

You can file a claim by phone at 1-877-682-5246. We’re focused on removing as many barriers as we can to ensure that claims are settled seamlessly. For example, we provide an eTransfer option through our claims process, leveraging electronic payments so that our clients can receive payments quickly and easily.