Consumer Disclosure

The Co-operators mission - to provide financial security for Canadians and their communities - begins and ends with you, our client. We aim to understand and anticipate your insurance needs and build long lasting relationships with you. We believe that our ability to meet your needs and expectations is impacted by your perception and level of understanding of insurance, insurance-related issues, and The Co-operators as an organization.

Compensation for frontline Licensed Insurance Representatives (LIRs), is predominantly salary based with a small bonus component for acquiring new business. The bonus amount is based on the volume of sales per LIR and is tied to the adherence to our pricing and underwriting rules.

Corporate Advisor Compensation - Quebec Only

Quebec uses a network of Corporate Advisors to sell auto, home and business insurance. They are paid a fee or percentage (depending on the product) for generating new business in addition to receiving a base salary. For your information, we have listed the rates below:

Product Fee/Percentage
Personal Auto Insurance $40 per Vehicle
Commercial Auto Insurance 10%
Product Fee/Percentage
Home Insurance $40 per policy
Business Insurance 22% - 25%

* The Co-operators does not underwrite auto insurance in BC and MB. Extension policy offered in SK.

Code of Consumer Rights and Responsibilities

The Code of Consumer Rights and Responsibilities provided by The Insurance Bureau of Canada is available for review on their website. Please visit for additional information.