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What’s covered? While each province or territory in Canada handles auto insurance differently, most policies will include the following types of mandatory coverage*:
One Liability
Two Accident Benefits
Three Uninsured Automobile
Four Direct Compensation Property Damage

*Coverage and products listed may vary depending on province or territory. For complete coverage details, limitations, and exclusions, please review your insurance policy. Your insurance policy will vary by province or territory and will be used to determine whether or not, as well as the extent to which, benefits will be payable.

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One Collision
Two Comprehensive1
Three Accident Protection
Four Limited Waiver of Depreciation
Five Family Protection2
Six Loss of Use

1Comprehensive doesn’t insure your car against theft in two instances: if a member of your household steals your car, or if an employee whose job involved using or maintaining the car steals your vehicle.

2Benefits paid are subject to individual policies.

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This website contains general information. Your insurance policy prevails if there is a discrepancy in the information presented.